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What Are Mobile-First Websites?
And Why Should You Care?

Once Upon A Time….

Once upon a time websites were designed to look great on desktop computer screens. That’s all we had back then. Then came along laptops, tablets, and mobile phones that have replaced computers for many people.

 Several years ago, Google began nudging us towards  designing websites to look good on smartphones. First there was the move to mobile-friendly & responsive design which takes a website built for desktop view & make it “adjust” to look good on phones.

 Mobile First on the other hand are websites that are built to be optimized for looks & performance on phones (first) and then “adjust” to look good on larger devices. They’re also built to meet Google’s new loading speed requirements of under 3 seconds. Most sites built the “old” way just cannot meet that. Google plans for ALL websites to be Mobile-First in the future, so why not start now & get a jump on your competitors?

 Lazer Web Services is introducing their new Mobile Website Builder by MobileFire Websites to meet the needs of today’s & tomorrow’s new standards. Websites that are blazing fast and outperform most Mobile Responsive sites which are still built Desktop-First.

And everyone who have sites built by MobileFire was loved by Google and had lots of satisfied customers who lived happily ever after while those with sites built the “old” way were still waiting for them to load. ^-^ 

Test Results for site built with MobileFire WebsitesTo the left is a screenshot of MobileFire’s Website’s performance test, without any SEO tweaks. Note the grade (A) and it’s load time (1.02 seconds)

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