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Can Your Customers Find You?


Fact is 4 out 5 people search online before they ever go to a store- this is esp. true for local business- so will they find you or ….some other business?

Lazer Web Services can help small business owners build an awesome online presence for their business through various services, coaching, & training

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It’s essential for your business to be found online now.

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Get Back To Running Your Business ~ NOT Your Website

Have a website already but wish your host’s support would do more? Do you just want to get back to doing the things that make you money and NOT managing your website or online presence? Not too techie and wish someone else would manage all this “Online stuff” for you? Lazer Web Services has a solution. We offer support packages to meet the needs of most small business owners. Be as hands on or off as you want.

Website Solutions for small businesses at Lazer Web Services

Web Design & Hosting

 Your website is your businesses online storefront and first impressions count. The folks here at Lazer Web Hosting build sites from a marketing perspective- not from a designer’s and that can make ALL the difference!

 We also go above & beyond what other hosts provide for support. too.

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Get coaching & training at Lazer Web Services

Coaching And Training

Confused, overwhelmed, need help staying focused and on track? Maybe you just need to know the next step to take or discover what the latest trends are.

You can always know the right action to take when you join any of our coaching programs.

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Protect your business reputation with security services from Lazer Web Services

Website Security

  It only takes 1 incident to ruin many years of hard work.  

Don’t let hackers & scammers destroy your business reputation and good name.  

Secure your website today!

Lock It Down!  

Lazer Web Services provides complete marketing services for small businesses

Social Media & Marketing Services

It’s no longer build it and they will come where the Internet is concerned. You have to work hard to be found and Lazer Web Services can help you spread the word.  

We can provide some or all of your marketing needs for you.  

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70% of mobile searches result in an online action within an hour of the search being conducted.”  From:  hosting Facts